Financial Starter Kit:
Gain Financial Literacy and Avoid the Pitfalls of the American Dream is a book for gaining a complete understanding of financial literacy.
Learn how to avoid the common financial traps that people fall into and create a solid financial foundation.

6 Quick Lessons From the Book


When you decide to take your net worth serious you should first take a look at what your net worth currently is, perform a benchmark assessment of where you should be, then perform the assessment again with a future age as a short term (1- 5 year ) goal to reach.


Remember, the path to wealth is a long game, so make sure that your foundation is solid. If you have no money saved, how can you get ahead? If you have no money saved, how can you pay for emergencies without ending up at square one again? You don’t want every unexpected expense to set you back. Stack up, so these events don’t affect you. Once you have an Emergency Fund and a little cushion it’s time to focus on investing.

Home loans

I believe that your first property should be an investment property. Your investment property will be an asset that is income producing and will set you on the path to financial freedom. If you are looking for a way to live for free or mostly free, house hacking is a good option.


Every single dollar that you earn should be allocated in a manner that most benefits you. Don’t get what I am saying confused with thinking that every single dollar you earn needs to be invested. I am saying that you need to have a plan for your money before it is received to maximize its value. I am going to teach you how to allocate your money in a way that allows you to not have to worry about thinking about how to divide your money once you are paid, not have to worry about if you have enough money for bills, or if you are meeting your savings goals for the month.


Credit, when used responsibly, will make your life much easier. Nowadays without good credit, it is a hassle to open an account with a utility company or a cell phone bill. Credit is required to obtain most of the basic necessities (i.e. apartment, utilities, non-prepaid cell phone, car, and mortgage). The less you have to stress about these things the better.


It is good to incorporate retirement accounts into your long term financial plans due to their tax advantages and free money that you can get from your employers 401(k) matching. It’s all about building a well rounded financial portfolio.

What the People Have to say…

“She’s a tech genius. She is beyond financially literate. I love it because she knows how to break down really complex conversations like cryptocurrency and financial literacy. Even things having to do with housing and taxes you name it. Everything with finances that we can be confused about. She is just brilliant in so many different fields. I was blown away at how much I was learning from her just from every tweet… ”


“Got it for myself. It is an EXCELLENT read. Going to require my 15 and 17-year-olds to read it.”


“Thank you for all of the knowledge! Learned more from this than any other piece of content on finance I’ve checked out.”


“Thank you for spending the time and the effort compiling all of that information. I’m 18 and I’m really trying to set my life up for success and I’m really appreciative for your help, and at a very reasonable price too. It helped me better understand what I need to do and it was a very easy and quick read. I’ll be looking back to it all the time for information. Again, thank you for sharing these helpful tips!” 


“I am highly impressed by this starter kit. It’s so much info, organized, helpful graphics and honestly, that excel spreadsheet was seriously the icing on the cake”


“Listen, thank you for this. I read this twice now and my whole perspective on money got better after reading it over in depth. You really put your foot in this book”

– oxtailricepeas


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Beez is an engineer specializing in computer science and mathematics, this expertise assists her in creating strategic career plans for clients. After earning a B.S. from Virginia Commonwealth University, Beez immediately used innovative and entrepreneurial strengths to create the Gifitize app.

Beez travels the world immersing herself in other cultures and sharing her passion for financial literacy. She enjoys sparking interest in technology and training others to apply their new knowledge to help them journey toward a solid financial foundation.

Beez reached success during a mindset shift, deciding to become an entrepreneur after reading a life-altering book, “The Millionaire Fastlane”, by MJ DeMarco. Beez has the vision to make an impact in the black community by helping fill 10% of the vacancies in tech with black people.  Beez defines having a vision as being able to imagine something nonexistent and investing effort to bring that idea to life. Contributing her voice to YesHoney Collective 2020 Vision conference, Beez is on the path, fulfilling her purpose by building a stronger network of forward-thinking partners.

The Financial Starter Kit is exactly what you need to get your finances together, gain financial literacy, learn about investing, and put yourself in the position to become financially free.

This is the all in one financial literacy book compiled with all of the information you need to build a long lasting financial foundation.

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